In late October, Soclima been SAMSUNG AC FORUM 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung introduced four new products that stand out for their innovative design, more compact formats and energy efficiency.

It was they, 360 ​​Cassette, DVM Chiller, DVM S 30HP and DVM S Eco 14 HP. Assuming a circular innovative format, 360 Cassette want to mark “a new era in air conditioning market.”
In the segment of the VRF, the novelty was the DVM S 30HP, extendable to four modules (120 HP). In addition to power, the system is distinguished by the compact format, releasing up to 40% in the roof space.

The thinking in the residential sector of luxury and small businesses, Samsung developed the DVM S Eco, available with 10, 12 and 14 HP. The new model, more compact and with greater capacity, calls attention to the efficiency, promising better performance than its competitors (+ 16% for cooling, heating + 30%).

Last but not least, the DVM Chiller is in response to strong demand for HVAC systems water that comply with European rules for the F-gases. For this, Samsung significantly reduced refrigerant levels compared to a conventional chiller, with this equipment already meets the requirements for 2018. In addition to the high energy performance (ESEER 5.7), the new chiller Samsung promises to be easy installation and maintenance.