Soclima Service

Qualified maintenance service

The experience we’ve acquired in engineering, producing and assembling facilities allows us to offer a maintenance service that ensures a proper and efficient operation of the same.


Facilities management

We have the technical personnel necessary to operate the facilities with which we are entrusted. We provide refrigeration technicians, boiler operators and maintenance personnel who ensure the standards of efficiency, safety and working guarantees are met.

A maintenance manager with an engineering background provides advice to our customers in technical and energy gain terms.


Scheduled, preventive and corrective maintenance

Our maintenance personnel follow a specially designed maintenance plan for each case, and perform the cleaning, servicing and adjustment work that affords greater efficiency and better preservation of equipment.

Applying the maintenance plans provides data logs and measurements on the equipment’s operation, which in turn allows the development of a long-term vision, such as predicting breakdowns and forced stops, through observing shifts in certain operational parameters.


Improvements and updates

By undertaking maintenance plans, a broad and deep knowledge of the systems is acquired. This assessment allows us to carry out improvements and updates to systems, without needing to replace their main elements, looking to satisfy the main objective of an uninterrupted service.

Complete Management: Soclima Service 360

Soclima offers its customers a complete management service for the whole life cycle of their facilities. From the study phase, up to the installation, maintenance and updating phases, with the guarantee and security provided by the vast experience acquired by our company, both in the installation and maintenance of facilities.

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