Soclima has the Best Materials for Installing its Equipments

Kaimann, a German brand that has been in the market since 1959, is a specialist in elastomeric product solutions, such as insulation materials, coating systems and special products for works with very specific requirements.

It is a brand that focuses on the continuous development and improvement of its products, offering its customers the best and most efficient materials.

Get some advice from our Soclima Installation and Maintenance team about the most suitable insulting materials for your work.

Kaiflex ST

Kaiflex ST is a closed cell rubber insulation that reliably prevents condensation and reduces energy losses. It incorporates a water vapour barrier within its cell structure, thus managing to eliminate the diffusion of water vapour and maintain excellent performance over the whole lifetime of the system.

Kaiflex ST is a versatile insulation with reliable technical values and is available in moulds, rolls and boards for use with plumbing and air ducts in air conditioning, cooling, chilled water, heating and hot water systems, and adds to this exceptional condensation prevention.

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