Odebrecht Angola


A condominium located in Talatona – Luanda comprising 125 homes, a Central Building (Function Room), Administrative Building, Gym / Gymnasium Building, Swimming Pool, Barbecue, Children’s Playground, Multi-sport Pitch, Tennis Courts, 3 Entrances and Technical/Service Areas.



The air conditioning philosophy adopted is the Multi-Split Toshiba type, with 3 condensing units and 10 indoor wall units planned for each house.

Central Building

The air conditioning will be provided by Toshiba VRF direct expansion systems. The indoor air conditioning will comprise cassette and wall units.

In this building there will be mechanical air extraction systems dedicated to sanitary facilities, technical areas and kitchens outlets.

Administrative Building

This building’s room will use VRV Toshiba direct expansion system for its air conditioning, with a planned air treatment unit to ensure the renewal of air in the rooms. The fresh air will be introduced at a low temperature, helping to combat thermal loads directly in rooms through grates or Systemair diffusers. The indoor air conditioning will be done with wall units.

Services Building

This building’s rooms will be air conditioned using Toshiba Multi-split direct expansion systems. The indoor air conditioning will be done with wall units.

Gym / Gymnasium Building

To treat the air in the gym, the plan is to install a Systemair/Toshiba direct expansion system, with a mixing module to reduce power usage and thus the respective operating costs.

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